Institute of Chemical Technology
Nathalal Parikh Marg,
Matunga, Mumbai, India
Tel: +91 22 2414 56 16
Extn: 2014, www.udct.org



BioLogic Duo Flow Systems with Econo pumps and UV monitors Fast GC systems with autosampler
Microplate Reader Model 680 UV-Vis Spectrometers
PROTEAN IEF Cell Lab Microwave reactor
Automated Electrophoresis Station Experion GC MS
Versa Doc Imaging System 4000 MP Karl-Fisher Apparatus with autotitrator
Gel Doc XR and Chemi Doc XRS system Rotary Evaporator systems with vacuum pump/chiller/heater
Protein Chip SELDI System Process Autoclave
Rotofor cell CO 2 Incubator
Model 491 Prep Cell Laminar flow cabinets
Mini-PROTEAN Tetra cell Lab Autoclaves
PROTEAN II xi 2-D Electrophoresis Cell Lyophilizer with chilling system
Mini Sub Cell GT System Automatic infrared moisture analyzer
Wide Mini-Sub Cell GT System Servers, workstations and computers
Trans-Blot SD Semi-Dry Transfer Cell Multi-user genomics and proteomic softwares
Trans-Blot Cell Hollow Fiber Filtration system
Power Pac HV Power Supply (5000V/500mA/400W) Tangential flow filtration assemblies of various types
C 1000 Thermal Cycler with dual 48/48 Fast Reaction Module Pilot-scale Nanofiltration set-up
1000 Series 96-Well Fast Reaction Module Lab-scale microfiltration set-up
CFX96 Real-Time PCR Detection System FT-IR
Gene Pulser Xcell Total System (Electroporation System) Fluidized moving bed chromatography
Phase-Contrast Microscope with Camera CD-spectrometer
Micro-Ultracentrifuge (1) Bead mill homogenizer
High pressure microreactors and IKA-stirrers Lab scale membrane filtration system
5L and 2L Fermenters (2 sets) LC-MS (Ion Trap + Q Trap),
Speed Vac system LC-MS TOF (LC-MS-QQQ)
Preparative HS Refrigerated Centrifuge (2) GC-MS
Prep scale Membrane Filtration system
Ultra/Micro (1) Nano (1)
Lab scale membrane filtration system (2) UPLC/RRLC
Bead mill Homogenizer Microplate Reader with Dispensor and Washer
Ion Chromatography System High Pressure Micro-reactors and Stirrers
Analytical HPLC with UV+ other detectors (2) Multi-column Multi-dimensional chromatography system for automated purification of complex mixtures
UPLC with PDA (1) Preparative scale membrane filtration system (ultra and micro)
Pilot-scale Chromatography system Probe Ultrasonicator
Pilot-scale High Pressure Process autoclave Skid Mounted Pilot Plant for Processing, Acid Recovery Plant



Funding Source

Project Title

Department of Biotechnology

DBT-ICT Centre For Energy Biosciences

Department of Biotechnology

Development Of Processes For Quality Soya Proteins

Agilent Technologies

ICT-Agilent Initiative on Advance Analytical Sciences.

Bio-Rad, USA / India

BioRad-ICT initiative in chromatographic separation for Biotech and Allied Industry (Phase II)

Mitsubishi Chemical Cooperation, Japan

Studies of purification of chemicals and natural products to be used for pharmaceuticals and /or nutraceuticals using DIAIONĀ®, SepabeadsĀ® and/or the other MCC's ion exchange resins

Anu's Laboratory, India

Chiral synthesis of drugs using enzymes

Pepsico Inc., USA

Adsorptive Separation of Natural Compounds

India Glycol Ltd.

Pilot Scale Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Ethanol.