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Welcome to DBT-ICT Center for Energy Biosciences

Welcome to DBT-ICT Center for Energy BiosciencesBiotechnology, in the simplest and broadest sense, is a series of enabling technologies involving manipulation of living organisms or their sub cellular components to provide useful products, processes or services.


Although biotechnology is not a very new concept the level of complexity and precision that is now available in the scientist’s armamentarium to manipulate living organisms has reached new brilliant heights.


This new biotechnology is an integrated multidisciplinary field...



Research Areas – Synthetic Biology

Research Areas – Synthetic BiologySynthetic Biology is a new discipline of research that combines biological science & engineering in order to design and build novel biological functions and systems. An engineer’s that viewpoint is that...



In addition to bioethanol, the centre is also poised to look at alternative sources of second, third and fourth generation biofuels.

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